SIREG Water Treatment Division called Hydros, developed in 1980 in a Company with a consolidated experience in the geotechnical field. The methods of acquisition and application of know how in diversified fields, have developed the design and manufacturing of plants, applying to membrane processes, for the treatment of water for civil and industrial purposes and for the treatment of effluents.



  • Feasibility project for the planning of new plants or revamping of existing plants.
  • After sales assistance for plants operation and maintenance.



SIREG Water Division performs a wide designing activity for the solution of treatment specific problems on the basis of primary waters chemical and bacteriological analysis. For effluent treatment, tests are executed on site by means of a pilot plant or in the inside laboratory.


SIREG - Hydros section

Sireg Hydros is an important company of Sireg group, originating from the sale of business branch (the pre-existing “Water Division”) occurred early 2015.

Sireg, founded in 1936 and since its origins specialized in the production of thermoplastic articles for geotechnics and for the electric batteries field, in the late 80’s decided, thanks to the foresight of Edoardo Blanc, son of its founder, to diversify its business further with the design and manufacturing of innovative units for primary water treatment both for civil and industrial use.

The long experience gained in the field, with the research and application of the most modern technologies, has allowed the company, since 1988, to consolidate its presence on the national and international market, improving its design and manufacturing capacity through the realization of more and more complex units, able to offer the best solutions to each specific problem.

The new Sireg Hydros Company, also owned by Blanc family, is composed of the same staff as the pre-existing “Water Division”.

Its efficient team of technicians works within the most diverse industrial fields, from shipbuilding to the hospitality industry and it is able to offer the most suitable solution whenever the water element is treated.

Sireg Hydros also boasts an important technical partnership with Sireg H3O, belonging to Sireg group as well, specialized in the design and creation of complex industrial design products, specifically intended for the boating industry. By providing Sireg H3O creative expertise with its great experience and precious know-how, Sireg Hydros team offers for each project a powerful lever within research and development, testing of materials and components and prototyping.

The company recently obtained UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 compliance certificate (IQNet quality certificates) for the design, manufacturing, sale and service of water treatment plants.

Sireg Hydros is also a UN accredited supplier as part of projects of economic and social development.


Marketing in Iran

SIREG have been granted its exclusive dealership in Iran market to Abtin Sanat Moin Company since 2012. Abtin Sanat Moin is responsible for preliminary engineering and consulting, installation, and after-sale service of SIREG productions in Iran. SIREG existing project in Iran is in Asaluye Phase 15 and also in Kangan, desalinating sea water up to 750 cubed meter per day and also multiple small desalinators in 25 islands of Iran at Persian Gulf.


Production range

SIREG HYDROS is manufacturing water treatment plants in three major category: