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Avista Technologies is a specialty chemical company with a singular focus of providing products and services for water treatment membrane separation systems and associated pretreatment equipment. Our goal is to help customers operate their membrane systems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible through the effective application of specialty chemicals. These include RoQuest coagulants and flocculants, ANSI/NSF Standard 60 certified Vitec antiscalants, RoCide biocides, and RO membrane cleaners.

The Avista team relies on fully equipped laboratories to perform a variety of troubleshooting and technical support services including membrane autopsies, foulant studies, coagulant recommendation studies and cleaning trials. They continually expand the product line to address the unique challenges of diverse applications and challenging feedwaters.


Our History and Experience

Avista was founded by professionals whose entire career has been dedicated to the water treatment Industry and water treatment solutions. From system design, operation, and maintenance to membrane manufacturing and chemical formulating, their experience has encompassed every aspect of membrane separation technology and its associated pretreatment.

The Avista team includes many of the industry’s most seasoned experts, allowing us to provide expertise in every aspect of this technology. We are pleased to share our knowledge and experience and pride ourselves on the long term partnerships we develop with our customers.


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